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Week 1: Predictions From The Contributors and stoked_byznblu

MCMers predict the Titans/Chiefs game

So trevor can swoon...
So trevor can swoon...
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Real Titan football. Finally. PFTC gonna change a little this year to make it more competitive. That and the Canadian went like 15-1 last year and we can't let Canada win. So this year instead of a poorly written missive on what we think is gonna happen in the game, each predictor is going to go with just one specific thing that they think will occur. Like "Jake Locker will have at least 250 yards passing" or "Bishop Sankey will have two touchdowns." Bada bing bada boom. Easy peasy. Picking the score exactly will give you 3 points, the correct prediction will give 2, and picking the correct winner 1. So the records shown will not reflect the number of weeks that have passed.

Everyone can play along. Make your prediction in the comments. Everything is time stamped so we'll know when somebody (like Pratt) tries to make their prediction after it happens in the game. We'll also keep the poll so you can vote on the score.

Let's get to it:

stoked_byznblu (0-0)

Locker throws for 2 TDs and 0 picks.

Titans 24 - Chiefs 18

Dan, North of the border (0-0)

Justin Hunter will have over 100 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Titans 27 - Chiefs 17


Ryan Succop will kick the game winning field goal against his former team.

Titans 23 - Chiefs 21

R. Kyle Harris, Astronaut (0-0)

Justin Hunter will score a TD of >30 yards.

Titans 27 - Chiefs 17

Jordan L. Churchill, Esquire (0-0)

Kendall Wright scores 2 TD's

Titans 21 - Chiefs 14

Horn (0-0)

Justin Hunter scores a TD.

Titans 20 - Chiefs 17

G (0-0)

Delanie Walker scores the Titans' first touchdown

Titans 17 - Chiefs 28

Tuna (0-0)

Justin Hunter has 2 TDs and over 100 yards

Titans 27 - Chiefs 24

Lomas (0-0)

Justin Hunter will have as many (or more) touchdowns as every other receiver combined.

Titans 27 - Chiefs 17

Best Fans In Baseball (0-0)

Titans hold Jamaal to under 100 yards rushing.

Titans 21 - Chiefs 10

Today is Furman Daniel's birthday. Guess he is too cool to send us a prediction. Happy birthday anyway non-predictor!

That is 9 for the good guys and 1 for the others. I guess I don't have as much faith in the D as these guys.

Vote in the poll. It will stay open until about an hour before kickoff! Give us your prediction in the comments!