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Titans vs. Chiefs Preview: 5 Questions with Arrowhead Pride

Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride answers 5 questions about the Kansas City Chiefs leading into this weekend's game with the Tennessee Titans.

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1. You have said that the offensive line is a weakness for the Chiefs.  How will Andy Reid game plan around that?

The best way to combat a shaky offensive line is getting rid of the ball quick enough that the pass rushers can't get to the quarterback. This is more or less what I expect the Chiefs to do. They already throw a lot to their backs and tight ends on shorter passes, and that will continue. Jamaal Charles, who had 70 receptions last season, can expect to see plenty of work around the line of scrimmage. The deep ball may not be there for the Chiefs if the offensive line is problematic but it never really was there for the Chiefs consistently anyway.

2.  Outside of Jamaal Charles, what is the strength of this Chiefs team?

Pass rushers. Easily the pass rushers. The Chiefs have a veteran pass rusher who has done it before in Tamba Hali, a young pass rusher on the verge of breaking out in a big way in Justin Houston and a rookie for the future in Dee Ford. They're stacked at outside linebacker it would appear. Really, their entire front seven is their strength.

3.  Is Alex Smith a franchise quarterback?

We all have different definitions of franchise quarterback. Is Smith somebody the Chiefs can win a lot of games with? Yes, I believe he is. Andy Reid is very good with quarterbacks and he had a promising first year with Smith. By giving Smith the extension, the Chiefs are basically betting on themselves that Reid can continue to coach him up to a high level of play. Smith had a stretch in the second half of the season where he threw 14 touchdowns to three interceptions. The Chiefs are hoping they'll be seeing more of the Smith they saw in the second half of the season. Smith has been a few plays away from a Super Bowl so he obviously has the ability to bring a team there. Will it be the Chiefs?

4. Will the Chiefs make the playoffs again this year?

I would say most fans are trending towards no on that right now given some of the preseason struggles and suspensions and injuries that have come up. I've been picking 9-7 for the Chiefs this season, which would put them right on the cusp of making it. Because September is homer season, I will say, yes, the Chiefs will make the playoffs.

5. Write the headline in Sunday's edition of The Tennesean.

Titans tumble at Arrowhead