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Tennessee Titans News Links: Fair Fight

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Frederick Breedon

Paul Kuharsky says that the he doesn't think the Titans defense is very good, but he does say that this matchup is good for the Titans because of the lackluster offensive line, and lack of Dwayne Bowe.

Pro Football Spot gives a fantasy preview of the game.

The Titans have 5 captains, Locker and Washington on offense. Jurrell and Woodyard on defense and Wilson on defense. Kind of surprised not to see J-Mac on this list, but these are all great choices.

Whisenhunt wants to win now, and that is great because I want us to win now as well.

Titans Online has a preview of the game, and you know what, I can tell you what the biggest key to the game will be.Contain Jamaal Charles. It is that simple folks. Contain him, and we win.

The Wednesday practice report from Whiz can be found here.

Jim Wyatt wonders which is a better roster, this or last year's Titans. I agree with him on every position group except for defensive line.

Horton talks about learning a new defense and how to fly a plane.

Locker is feeling good and confident about this weekends game.

In his 6th year in the league, Succop feels stronger than ever.

Quote of the Day: "Comedy is acting out optimism." -Robin Williams