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Between The Posts:Where To Go?

Your nightly OT open thread.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We know that things need to change in the way the Titans are operating if this season isn't to be already considered "lost". But how exactly to go about those changes is up for debate, as is the long-term plan. Some have pinned the Titans problems mainly on the QB position, while others have taken shots at GM Ruston Webster for the team's current troubles. We have even resorted to pointing the finger at the new coaching staff who are only 4 games into their Tennessee Titans tenure.

That said, there is due cause for the concern. The issues the team is facing at present mirror those that have seemed to haunt this franchise for the past five years. In my mind, this is not simply a job that any one change can fix, but a building effort that can only be realized with a change of culture. From inside reports, Whisenhunt and co have brought that, and to be fair (and objective), it's clear that we need more than 4 weeks to judge that accurately.

For you, what's the best move for Tennessee from here, both long and short term?