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Between The Posts: Home Field Advantage?

Your nightly OT open thread.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have a tough opening day match-up on their hands, taking on the Chiefs at Arrowhead. That got me thinking. What's the best venue you've experienced in the NFL? And where do you rank as the hardest places to play?

I have not had the opportunity to sample many of the league's fine stadiums, but as far as the hardest places to play, I think venues like Arrowhead Stadium, Lambeau Field, Centutry Link Field (Or whatever the Seahawks call their stadium) now, and Heinz Field. I might also throw the Raiders venue up there, but since they haven't been any good for so long, I'll pass on it. I sincerely hope the Titans can get back to winning ways, and make LP Field a fortress again.

What say you on the matter?

I will leave the thread open for off topic discussion as per usual. Have a great nice MCM, and make sure to check out August and Danomite's regular MCM Radio Show an hour early tonight.