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Jake Locker, Four Others Named Tennessee Titans Captains

The 2014 Tennessee Titans have named their captains.

Michael Thomas

Ken Whisenhunt said earlier this week that the team had voted on captains and that the names would be released later this week.  Well the names were released today, and they are Jake Locker, Nate Washington, Jurrell Casey, Wesley Woodyard and George Wilson.

No surprise that Locker was named a captain.  While people outside the organization might not believe in him, the people inside the building absolutely do.  His work ethic has been praised by anyone that has ever been asked about it.

Washington has been a vocal leader for this team since his 2nd year here. He is also one of the more experienced guys on the offense, so it is not surprising to see his name there either.

Casey got a contract extension last week, and he is exactly the type of guy that you want to invest in long term and exactly the type of guy that you want as a captain.  He works really hard no matter the circumstance. He is a guy that could have complained about his contract because he had outperformed it, but he never did.  He just kept coming to work every day.

Woodyard has talked about being a leader, and the guys on the team absolutely bought in.  He has only been with the team for a few months after being signed as a free agent.  The fact that he has been named a captain speaks volumes to the respect the guys in the locker room have for him after being here for a short time.

Wilson won't see a ton of time on defense barring injury, but he is known to be a smart guy that works hard.  Again, that is exactly what you want in a captain.