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An Apology Letter to Mike Munchak

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Mike,

I was really hard on you last year.   I got really tired of watching an uninspired football team play uninspired football week in and week out.  Every week I wondered if you had the ability to motivate a football team to be focused for 16 games.  I eventually came to the conclusion that you did not.

I called for you to be fired because the team looked at times like they didn't have a clue.  There didn't seem to be much of a plan at times, and it seemed that your staff was over-matched every week.  That had to be the problem because the Titans had plenty of good players on their roster, I foolishly said.

Then, after the Titans looked really good in week 1 this season, I talked about how great it was to finally have a staff that knew what they were doing.  I rejoiced that the days of seeing a lifeless, clueless two-toned blue football team were over.

I was wrong, Mike.  You were not the problem.  The players on this team are the problem.  They aren't good enough to compete at a high level every week, and they don't have the leadership in the locker room to rise above the talent deficiencies.

So to you, Mike, I now say that I am sorry.  I got caught up in the thought that anything had to be better than what we were seeing.  I got the change at head coach that I wanted, but nothing has changed on the field.

I would wish you good luck with your new team, but I really hate the Steelers, so I will say to you that  I hope you get another shot to be a head coach in this league with a team that I do not hate.