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Titans- Colts Final Score: Tennessee loses 41-17 need to make changes now.

The Titans look terrible.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Unwatchable is a rough adjective, but even that might be an underwhelming way to describe the Tennessee Titans at this point.

It wasn't Andrew Luck playing at a high level that beat the Titans. Charlie Whitehurst didn't look leaps and bounds worse than Jake Locker did. The Titans just systematically look like one of the worst teams in the NFL, for the third week in a row.


Ken Whisenhunt has fallen to earth in the hardest way. Titans fans were praising his ability to seemingly turn the Titans offense into what looked like an above average NFL unit. Fast forward eight weeks and he doesn't seem to understand anything about what is going on on the field.

Bishop Sankey continues to be the only person on the Titans roster (not named Delanie Walker) who can provide any spark, but Whisenhunt doesn't put him in until the second half of games? It takes several miserable drives consisting of Lendale White-esque running by Shonn Greene before Sankey can even get some snaps. Leon Washington saw much more time in the first half than the talented rookie running back.

I'm not sure what Whisehnhunt is seeing, but I am sure he has an explanation on why he isn't playing Sankey more. However whatever his explanation is, it is wrong. Get the rookie on the field, it is that simple.


Charlie Whitehurst looked like a decent quarterback when thrown into the fire, but the wide receivers didn't even suit up. Receivers have quit on the team before while wearing two-toned blue, but rarely have they looked so disinterested when it mattered most than they did today against the Colts.

The offensive line looked very good and Delanie Walker looked interested in winning, but outside of them and the aforementioned Sankey it was hard to watch the meaningful minutes in this game.


Jurrell Casey is a really good player, and he man-handled Colts offensive linemen for most of the day. Outside of that, there wasn't much effort shown on the field today. The Titans failed to get any pressure form the outside of the offensive tackles and for the most part the Colts ran at will.

Jason McCourty looked like he couldn't make a starting roster based on what he showed today. I have praised McCourty as a top corner in the game time and time again, but his inability to stop any pass thrown his way today was just rough to watch. I said earlier that I though Blidi Wreh-Wilson looked like Tommie Campbell without speed or size, and I stick by that.

Really the Titans had no answer for anything the Colts did, and the only time they stopped them was when the Colts shot themselves in the foot.

So what now?

What do the Titans do now? Obviously they need to make big changes, but where? They have no depth at the wide receiver position to put a fire under Justin Hunter. The market isn't crawling with cornerbacks that can play opposite McCourty. There are just too many holes in this Titans team, and one of the biggest seems to be with the man running the team. If Whisenhunt can't get it together and put up more than these half-hearted efforts, the Titans may be facing another dark two or three year period ahead.