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Titans vs Colts players to watch: defense

Who can stop Andrew Luck?

Wesley Hitt

Jason McCourty CB

Andrew Luck is going to make mistakes, he always does. He has led the league in dropped interceptions at least once, which just means that he is due for regression. If the Titans really want to win this game, players like Jason McCourty can't settle for PBUs, they need interceptions.

Wesley Woodyard ILB

Woodyard needs to take over this defense and become the leader. He has the experience and ability to be a big factor on the field, but he can only do that if the defense does well as a unit. He needs to make the most of his opportunities and come up with some big plays.

Jurrell Casey DE

Casey had a big game against the Colts last year that really vaulted him into the public eye. He has a chance this week to create some pressure and bring down the division's best quarterback. Casey takes his role in the defense very seriously, and he needs to come out and have a big game if the Titans are going to win this game.