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Is the Taylor Lewan era about to begin?

Will the Titans offensive line be getting some help soon?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

There is an issue on the offensive line, and it comes from the most expensive Titan on the roster.

Andy Levitre was supposed to come in and sure up the offensive line of the Titans, but instead he has been streaky at best, and he consistently shows that he wasn't worth his big price tag. The Titans have a unique opportunity ahead to make themselves better while giving a talented rookie some experience.

Taylor Lewan has elite size, and has shown that he is not going to back down from any challenges. He has a presence that is very reminiscent of David Stewart, but he combines that with outstanding agility and the ability to get under opponents skins without getting flagged.

Taylor Lewan played just 16 snaps in the game against Cincinnati, but he still managed to post the best grade of any offensive lineman. Over the next few weeks the Titans face little to no interior pressure and this schedule of the Colts and Browns could offer Lewan the perfect transition from preseason standout to regular season starter.

Lewan learned quickly at left guard this preseason and impressed the coaching staff enough to make him the second string offensive lineman at every position other than center. That sort of ability is not something that the Titans have had in a while, and even if he is worse than Levitre (which I don't imagine) it will be important to know what he needs to work on heading into his second season when he is expected to take on a bigger role.

I don't expect there to be an immediate change, but Levitre has been put on notice by the staff and if they don't like what they see there could be a halftime switch on that offensive line.