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Between The Posts: Wednesday Open Thread

Your nightly OT open thread.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans face an important match-up with their divisional rival Indianapolis Colts next Sunday at 1pm EST. The game might well decide if Tennessee can build some much-needed momentum heading into the teeth of the their divisional schedule. As has been discussed on this blog, it's likely that there is a single playoff spot coming out of the AFC South this season, so winning the group may be the only way out.

Can the Titans rise to task and win those important match-ups? They have struggled the past few years against the Colts, despite having the upper hand through three quarters in more than a couple of those games. Ken Whisenhunt was one of few that was able to put together a cohesive effort to beat the Colts last season, can he bring some of that know-how to Nashville? The team will surely need it if they expect to be in the mix during the latter weeks of the season.