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Jake Locker Injury Update; MRI Shows No Structural Damage to Wrist

The Titans QB will be monitored throughout the week but should be ready for the Colts on Sunday.

Andy Lyons

The good news is that Jake Locker's MRI showed no structural damage to the wrist.  That means he will probably be limited in practice throughout the week, but my guess is that he will play.  We will learn more when the practice report comes out this afternoon.

Jim Wyatt also said on Twitter last night that Zach Mettenberger could miss some practice time this week because of a death in the family.  Condolences to Zach and his family.

This means Charlie Whitehurst is going to be getting a lot of practice reps over the next few days.  I know Locker has been bad (really bad even), but I will still take him over Whitehurst.

Hopefully Locker will be able to go by Friday.  We all remember how Steve McNair could miss the whole week of practice and then go out there and play awesome on Sunday.  Well Jake Locker is not Steve McNair.  He needs the practice reps if he is going to have any shot at being sharp on Sunday.