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If I Was the Titans Head Coach...

Congratulations, you just got promoted.

Andy Lyons

I'm hoping to run a few of these posts this year at various points in the season focusing on different roles in the Titans organization.  Its adapted from an idea on a similar fanpost I saw on The Phinsider, so hat tip to Dolfankenny.

Today we're starting with the man in charge, Ken Whisenhunt, as his 1-2 Titans squad heads to Indy for a divisional showdown. Make yourself head coach in the comments and let us know what you would do this week.  Here is mine:

  • If Jake Locker is healthy, I'm playing him. Its not going to be popular with fans but I want to see him out there one more time in this offense. Whitehurst is going to get a lot of reps in practice this week and I'll be ready to go to him if Locker continues his downward trend.
  • Bishop Sankey needs to be involved early and often.  Time to switch the rotation and use Greene later in the game inside the tackles.  Sankey looks dynamic and has shown promise, so if he can break a few runs we might have a chance at the upset.
  • Kendall Wright's been limited to short routes the past two games.  I want to put him in space, but not so close to the line of scrimmage.
  • Avery Williamson looked good last week.  He should be a part of the rotation again but I want to see how we handle Indy's rushing game.  He might end up getting a lot more playing time quickly.
  • Every team wants to get after the opposing QB and this week is no different.  The Bengals line is great.  The Colts' one is not.  Ray Horton should be aggressive this week.
  • Continue with three-safety sets too.  Aggressive doesn't mean sticking in base formations.  We are better with George Wilson on the field.