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Tennessee Titans News Links: Best Signing Ever

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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The Titans repented of their sin in cutting Chase Coffman by signing him yesterday and cutting TJ Graham. Chase Coffman is arguably the greatest TE of all time and will be a great addition to the Titans as they look to make their push to the postseason and the Super Bowl. The Titans currently have a losing regular season record without Coffman, but with him, I absolutely expect them to go undefeated.

PK thinks what the Titans are thinking, and I am not sure he's entirely correct. The Titans are using Jake Locker correctly. He's just not executing.

2nd worst scoring offense and 18th in scoring defense. Both have to change or we will go nowhere, even with the fabled Coffman.

PK wonders if Levitre could be replaced by Lewan. I think Levitre played really well last game and there is no reason to bench him as of now. If he stinks it up like he did in week 1, then maybe make the switch.

If Locker is healthy, there is no reason not to stick with him says Climer. I agree, but if he stinks it up in the first half, I have someone getting ready to go.

Quote of the Day: Enjoy some highlights and stay for the whole video. The stiff arms against Nevada are nasty.