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Tennessee Titans: Why?

Let's ponder some things.

Joe Robbins

Why did Succop miss both of his field goals? -  So much for easing my anxiety.

Has Nate Washington lost a step? - What happened to that awesome deep outside hitch that Locker and he made some money on last year?  He's being draped by a defensive back everywhere he goes and when he does get a step the ball is bouncing right off his hands.

Speaking of receivers, what is going on with Justin Hunter? - It's not quite as bad, but he's showing me signs of Kenny Brittness.  I'm not going to condemn him for not catching everything ridiculous thrown his way, but the drops that he should have are adding up. Not to mention the complete hesitation when Locker threw up a deep ball for him in the 4th quarter.  He had leverage on the defender and the ball was right where it needed to be, he just stopped right before the ball got there.  I'm hoping he can get his head straight.

Is there a correlation between my 0-3 fantasy team and the large number of Titans players I have on it?

Where's the discipline? - This team looks like the same team that lost Munchak his job.  QB play aside, the rest of the team is doing plenty to screw things up on their own and there's plenty of blame to go around.  The penalties are out of hand, dropped balls, receivers that fall down, bad special teams play, the list is endless.

Why is Levitre getting blown up? - I thought Oher was supposed to be the wasted money on the offensive line.  Honestly he played better against the Bengals, but there's still an issue there.

Why did Locker...nevermind.

Are the Titans forcing square pegs into round holes? - This has been a theme on the local radio show in the mornings.  I'm not sure on offense, but maybe on defense?  It's worth pondering.

Can we simplify things on offense? - Last year the narrative was to do just that, while the defense tried to be as complex as possible.  I wrote earlier this year that I wonder about the constant substitutions on offense and if it could hurt the running backs in particular by not allowing them to get in a groove.  I understand trying to create mismatches or keep the defense guessing, but there's something to be said for lining up and just doing something better than your opponent as well.

What in the heck happened to Blidi Wreh-Wilson on the Andy Dalton touchdown? - I mean that was just really really not good.

That's it for this week.  What questions did you have from the latest game?