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Titans Sign TE Chase Coffman; Release T.J. Graham

The Titans have brought back the preseason hero.

Scott Cunningham

The Tennessee Titans have re-signed TE Chase Coffman.  He played well in the preseason, and a lot of fans that were disappointed when Coffman was cut before the season.  They cut T.J. Graham to make room for Coffman on the roster.

This move concerns me a little bit because Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said yesterday at his press conference that Delanie Walker has a shoulder injury.  Whiz didn't say how severe the injury is, but the fact that they have signed a tight end might not be a good sign.

They also might have signed Coffman because he showed in his time here that he can catch.  That puts him ahead of Taylor Thompson- who cannot catch.

As for T.J. Graham, we hardly knew ye.  He was only on the team for three weeks, and did not play at all.