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Report: Rob Bironas threatened to kill students night he died

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The events surrounding Rob Bironas's death on Saturday night just keep getting weirder.  Here are the things that have come out since yesterday afternoon (links from Jim Wyatt):

-Bironas's wife called police to report him missing shortly before his vehicle was found Saturday night.

-There was a woman who called 911 saying the Bironas had tried to run her off the road.

-Another group of people have come forward to say that there was another road rage incident with Bironas that same night.

There is obviously a lot of room for speculation here.  We will probably never know what really happened that night, but we will learn more when the toxicology report comes back.  Police said there were no drugs or alcohol at the scene, but they won't know if he had any in his system until that report comes back.

If these other reports are true, it sounds like it was a blessing that Bironas was the only one harmed that night.  Regardless of where this all ends up, my thoughts and prayers are still with his family.