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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Chicago Bears vs New York Jets

Discuss all the Monday Night Football Action here.

Jonathan Daniel

Time to watch some football and stop thinking about the Titans latest debacle. Tonight the Chicago Bears take on the New York Jets in the Meadowlands. The Bears have been a team that goes with the arm of Jay Cutler so far, and have shown little in the ways of running the football. Brandon Marshall already has four touchdowns on the year.

The Jets on the other hand have been riding the Geno Smith train, and relying more on their ground attack. The Jets made headlines last week (when don't they?) with yet another timeless mis-step. A Geno Smith TD pass was called back against the Green Bay Packers in week 2 due to a timeout called just prior to the snap.

Discuss all tonight's action here. I've already lost my fantasy match-up, so I'll just be watching to take my mind off of Titans football, if only for a few hours.