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Titans-Bengals: The Most Unexpected Thing

Andy Lyons

I wish I could say that there were a lot of things about yesterday's loss to the Bengals that were unexpected, but there really weren't.  The Titans went on the road to face a team that is better than them across the board.  That doesn't usually end well.

One thing was unexpected for me, however, and that was Ryan Succop pulling the Shankopotomous.  He looked really steady in week 1 against his old team.  There was no indication that he would go out and just be terrible yesterday.  That first kick was nothing short of horrendous.  The second one wasn't AS bad, but it did not go through the uprights.  That is all that really matters.

Hopefully this was just an aberration for Succop and he will be steady for the rest of the year.  This team has enough problems as it is.  They are apparently going to have trouble scoring points this year (remember when we thought this offense was going to be high-powered??).  The last thing they need is to be running a kicker out there that they can't count on.