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Jake Locker still the Titans quarterback; Ken Whisenhunt preaches patience

Ken Whisenhunt said after the game that Jake Locker is still his guy, but for how long?

Andy Lyons

Ken Whisenhunt was asked after the game if he considered benching Jake Locker during the game.  Whiz said he didn't and that Locker is still his quarterback.  I don't doubt that is true, but for how long?

Locker has been bad two weeks in a row now.  His throws are all over the place, and he is making terrible decisions.  The pick that he threw in the end zone right before the half is just inexcusable.  You cannot throw across your body into the middle of the field ever in the NFL- especially not in that situation. More than that, I don't even know what he saw there.  That ball never had any shot of getting to anyone that wasn't wearing a Bengals uniform.

It makes sense not to panic yet.  Locker was very good in week 1, and at this point the Titans are only one game back in the division.  If they can find a way to get it together and win in Indianapolis next week, they will still be in a really good spot.  I just don't have any faith that Locker is going to be able to do that at this point.

He has shown flashes of being good, that is why you don't sit him down yet, but at some point you have to come to the conclusion that Locker is just too inconsistent to count on. We might not be there quite yet, but we are really, really close.