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Titans vs Bengals stock up/stock down: offense

How did the Titans offense preform?

Joe Robbins

Stock up: Bishop Sankey

Great day from the rookie who saw limited action. Sankey ripped off more explosive plays than the rest of the Tennessee Titans combined. Whisenhunt opted to continue the rotation and get away from Sankey, but he may have to reconsider this strategy in the future.

Stock down: Ken Whisenhunt

So, the Bengals ran the same all out blitz defense at least six times, and every time the Titans failed to give Locker any sort of outlet route from the running back. That is just a terrible job coaching and something that someone as intelligent as Ken Whisenhunt should know how to fix.

Stock up: Delanie Walker/Kendall Wright

Talk about players returning to form, Wright and Walker are doing as well or better than they started out the 2013 campaign. If the quarterback position can become more consistent for the Titans then these two could explode. Speaking of quarterbacks...

Stock down: Jake Locker

Don't expect to see any sort of quarterback switch in the next week, but it is time that Zach Mettenberger starts loosening up his arm. Locker not only looked shaken after being hit a few times, but he just completely regressed to the project that he was coming out of Washington.

It was ultimately Locker's inaccuracy down field that cost the Titans this game. Justin Hunter was very open on several plays, if only Locker would have pulled the trigger. The Titans can't go far at all if Locker can't implement Whisenhunt's game plan due to his accuracy issues.