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Titans vs Bengals stock up/stock down: Defense

How did the Titans defense perform?

Joe Robbins

As soon as Succop missed the opening field goal, the game was over.

Stock Up: Avery Williamson

Williamson wasn't in for long, but when he was in he made a few nice looking plays. The rookie isn't ready to start yet, but he could be a nice run-stuffing ILB that works into the mix after the bye week.

Stock Down: Every Titans CB

With no hyperbole, it looked as if the Titans CBs didn't look at the tape this week. The 10-yard cushions were eaten up with no hesitation, and then when they played half-hearted bump and run the speed of the Bengals receiver killed them. Embarrassing performance by the Titans secondary.

Stock Down: Titans pass rush

The Titans weren't expected to give the Bengals fits, but after back-to-back four-sack games I expected to see some success. Not a great job by anyone on the defense today for the Titans, but the limited pass rush exposed their warts in a big way.