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Titans vs Bengals players to watch: defense

Who needs to have a big day for the Titans to win.

Frederick Breedon

Ray Horton

The Titans have been pretty successful getting to the passer in the first two weeks, and a lot of that praise has to go to new defensive coordinator Ray Horton. Horton's blitzes and schemes have put the Titans defenders in position to make big plays and bring down the QB. If the Titans are going to attack a Zietler-less Bengals offensive line, Horton will make sure that the Titans hit their marks.

Karl Klug/Jurrell Casey

Both 5-techniques have been exceptionally good this year, and Klug needs to see much more action. These two have the ability to penetrate and make big plays in the backfield today, especially now that they get to go against a backup guard. A big day from these two could put the Bengals behind the eight-ball.

Jason McCourty/whoever is playing against A.J. Green

Green is a top-3 receiver in the league, and his size presents a huge mismatch for any team. If they are going to beat the Bengals, they will need to Jason McCourty (or whoever plays against Green) to have a big game. If the Titans can force the Bengals to run the ball, AND play run defense like they did against the Chiefs, they could make it very tough on the home team.