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Titans vs Bengals players to watch: offense.

Which players need to have a big game for the Titans to win.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Washington

The Titans need Justin Hunter to make some big plays down the field, but more than that they need Nate Washington to become Jake Locker's security blanket again. When Locker is at his best, he is feeding his tight ends and Kendall Wright for consistent, short gains. However, for that to open up he needs Washington to be a threat in the 10-20 yard per catch range.

Delanie Walker

As I said earlier, Walker needs to be fed for this offense to work best. The Titans have a balanced attack on offense, which means that it is hard to use a defensive back to cover Walker in passing situations. When the Titans go hurry up, they should have the advantage on the inside and the Titans need to take what they are given.


This isn't a player (obviously) but it is something that the Titans missed last week at home. Whisenhunt and the offensive staff need to keep their ideal personnel on the field to keep the Bengals defense (a talented unit) off balance. If the Titans could come out and score on one of their first two drives, it would prevent them from getting in a hole like they have in weeks one and two.