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Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas dies in car accident

Terrible news.


Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas passed away last night after being involved in a single car accident in Nashville, per multiple reports.

For many younger Titans fans, Rob Bironas was their favorite player despite the position he played. His consistency and ability to come up big when the Titans needed him most make him arguably the best Titan of the '00 decade.

After the Titans gave him his first real shot in the NFL, he rewarded them by becoming their second all-time leading scorer with 1,032 points.

When the Titans were forced to move away from him this past year, it was the end of an era and everyone in two-toned blue could feel his absence. A long-time position of strength became a huge question mark, and more than that it felt like something was missing from the team. For some fans (like myself) this was the first time in their adult lives that they had seen the Titans without Rob Bironas.

I can remember waking up on Sunday mornings in the fall and seeing the "2" jerseys in my neighborhood as kids would play basketball or football. Even when I started playing sports in high school, fans would show up with Bironas jerseys to the local football games. This feels like more than losing a player, it feels like a cornerstone of my (and a lot of other Titans fans) childhood is now gone.

News like this sends shivers down the collective spines of Titans nation, and we are all mourning today.