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Bringing the home field advantage back to L.P. Field

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

When the Titans first came to Nashville they had a tremendous home field advantage.  Back then the stadium was called Adelphia Coliseum, and it was two years before the Titans lost a game there.  The stadium was rocking every week.  People said it was the closest thing to a college home field as there was in the NFL.

Now the stadium is called L.P. Field, and it is not nearly the home field advantage that it once was.  A lot of times it isn't full, and sometimes when it is, there are a lot of the other team's fans- like when the Cowboys were in town.

Ken Whisenhunt has talked about wanting to get that home field advantage back.  How do they do that?  Win.  Fans want to watch a winner, and the Titans just haven't won consistently enough over the last few years.  Once the start consistently putting a winner on the field, the fans will come back.