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Between The Posts: Expectations

Your nightly OT open thread.

Frederick Breedon

The Tennessee Titans are set to take on the Chiefs in their season opener (in case you didnt hear). There was a lot of talk this afternoon about the expectations of the Titans in 2014 in terms of final record.

While its hard to gauge where teams are throughout the preseason process, I feel the Titans have improved in most areas since last season, including on the sidelines. In the end, your view is ultimately decided by how you feel about Jake Locker at quarterback.

With all that said, how do you see the season ultimately ending up? And who do you think makes the biggest impact in that record? (one way or the other). I will stick to my guns from earlier in the year and say 9-7, with Locker playing well and the running game surprising some folks.

Ill leave the thread open for off topic discussion as per usual. If youve got the time, please check out Jimmy and myself on tonights MCM Radio show. Have an awesome night MCM..