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ESPN NFL Bloggers Pick Titans to Go 1-15

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

All of the team bloggers went through and projected all 16 games for the team they cover.  Only one blogger, Tania Gangulia who covers the Houston Texans, predicted a loss for the team they cover against the Titans (she predicted a split).  Even Mike DiRocco, who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars, predicted a Jags sweep.

Look, I understand that it has been a while since the Titans have been good, but this is ridiculous.  It blows my mind that the people who cover these teams haven't bothered to do any research on the teams that they are playing.  The Titans probably aren't going to win the AFC South, but they are going to be better than the Jaguars.  They will more than likely finish 2nd in the AFC South and will probably be AT LEAST 3-3 in the division.

Again, this just goes to show you that most of the people in the media don't do any research on the Titans.  That is partly because they are in a small market, and partly because they haven't been good.  That doesn't excuse the lack of research, but that does explain it.

Now it is up to Ken Whisenhunt and crew to prove everyone wrong.  It will take a few years of consistently winning to change the national perspective, but it can be done.

It all starts on Sunday in Kansas City!