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Report: Houston Texans sign JJ Watt to contract extension

The rival Texans have ensured that the Titans will be seeing plenty of Watt over the next six years.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Per Chris Mortensen, the Houston Texans have reached a contract extension agreement with defensive line standout JJ Watt. The deal is for a total of $100 million ovet six seasons, with over $50 million guaranteed. The average season cap hit is a whopping $16.6 million, an NFL record for a defender.

The Tennessee Titans extended their own defensive line star last week in Jurrell Casey, with a four year deal averaging $9 million per season over four years. While there is little doubt that Watt is a rare talent (indeed he's been the NFL's best defensive player for years) , it sheds some positive light on the Titans front office in the ability to retain Casey without hamstringing the roster.

As for the Titans cross division rival Texans, they are no doubt happy that the deal got done. We'll see how they fare without a real starting quarterback on the roster this season.