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NFL Week 3 picks: Who the experts are taking in Titans vs. Bengals

The Titans looked really good in week 1. Most people picked them to win in week 2. Then they looked really bad. Let's see how the experts feel about the Tennessee Titans in week 3 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Jamie Sabau

Last week in PFTC everyone took the Titans. This week only 3 of the contributors who picked took the Titans. Let's see if the other experts around the internet feel the same way.

The SB Nation bloggers were all on the Titans last week. This week they all took the Bengals, with the exception of PFT Commentator, who predicted a tie. He was pretty much the only one that took the Cowboys last week, so watch out! is Bengals across the board. Remember last week when we talked about the Titans getting more national coverage if they beat the Cowboys? Well, laying an egg got them nothing. The Titans have no one to blame for that but themselves.

NFL Fantasy Live guys, once again, are all Bengals. I really wish I felt differently than those guys, but I don't.

Lastly we look at There are actually a couple of guys over there who went with the Titans. Hopefully the Titans can reward some of their confidence with an upset win!

The Titans have a golden opportunity this week to gain back some of the attention they have lost. The Bengals are considered by most to be one, if not the, best team(s) in the AFC. Knocking them off at their place would be a huge building block for Ken Whisenhunt's club.

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