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Week 3: Predictions From The Contributors and alijeal

MCMers predict Titans/Bengals

"I told you fools that dude is fast!"
"I told you fools that dude is fast!"
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Guess who has 4 points?? G$, that's who!  Harris and I were the only two to hit our predictions last week. And of course no one picked the winner.

Somehow alijeal has gone this long without being a guest on PFTC. So we righted a wrong this week. Kick us off AJ:

alijeal (3)

Bishop Sankey scores his first NFL touchdown

Bengals 30 - Titans 24

GoldenGrams (4)

Delanie Walker has 5 or more catches

Bengals 24 - Titans 17

Harris (3)

The Titans running backs will average more than 4.5 YPC

Titans 21 - Bengals 17

Greenlaw (3)

Defense gets at least two sacks on Dalton and Succop makes all his point after attempts and Whisenhunt remains the head coach win or lose.

Titans 24 - Bengals 21


Titans D holds Gio under 100 yards rushing.

Bengals 31 - Titans 23

SuperHorn (1)

Titans have more than 150 yards rushing

Titans 17 - Bengals 13

CanaDan (1)

The Titans defense will hold Cincy under 150 rushing yards.

Bengals 23- Titans 20

Churchill (1)

Shonn Greene gets the Titans first touchdown of the day

Bengals 24 - Titans 17

Tuna (1)

Justin Hunter (finally) has a receiving touchdown

Bengals 27 - Titans 17

FurmanDaniel (0)

Delanie Walker stays hot and scores another touchdown

Bengals 24 - Titans 20

That's only three picks for the good guys. Hopefully we're wrong.

The poll was wrong last week. So y'all are sitting at (1) point.