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A.J. Green Injury Update: Bengals WR has miraculous healing; get him in your fantasy football lineup


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently A.J. Green woke up this morning with no soreness in his toe.  That is terrible news for Jimmy the Titans fan, but it is really good news for Jimmy who has A.J. Green on his team in his money fantasy football league.  That is a problem.  Why?  Because as George Costanza once told us, a Jimmy divided against himself, CANNOT STAND!

From a Titans perspective, we need to hope that Jason McCourty has a similar healing experience in the next day or so because it could get ugly out there for the Titans if Green is going up against Blidi Wreh-Wilson and/or Coty Sensabaugh all day long.

Obviously from a fantasy football perspective, everything is the opposite of that last paragraph.

The bottom line here is that the Titans are going to have to find a way to get pressure on Andy Dalton either way.  He has only been hit twice this season.  He has not been sacked yet.  Giving him time to let Green get down the field will make for a long day for the Titans.