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Tennessee Titans News Links: Bring It

Daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Wesley Hitt

NFL Network preview the Titans vs. Bengals game and Elliot Harrison predicts the Bengals to go 3-0.

Mike Sando of ESPN predicts the Bengals will win by about 7 points.

Behind Enemy Lines from PFS takes a look at Sundays game from the Bengals perspective.

Jake Locker has a chicken coop and he is proud of it. Not really sure why this is a story.

David Climer says Locker faces the toughest game of his career on Sunday. I'm hoping he has a superb bounceback game.

The Tennessean's John Glennon looks at what the Titans have done well and what they haven't through 2 games.

Getting Dalton to get off his first read, and get him under pressure will be key in Sunday's game. We have the defensive front to do it.

Are the Titans ILBs too small? PK takes a look.

Whiz was unhappy with the receivers, Hunter in particular after last Sunday's debacle.

Quote of the Day: "Politics have no relation to morals." -Niccolo Machiavelli