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Tennessee Titans Week 2: Offensive Standouts

Who impressed on the offensive side of the ball last weekend?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Now, admittedly, this isn't going to a be a pretty segment this week. That said, there are some underlying performances to review (and to be impressed by), even if they didn't result in a Titans win. With plenty of criticism and gloom going on heading into next week's Cincinnati game, let's inject some objective positivity;

1. Michael Roos, LT

The reliable veteran left tackle had a quietly good game, giving Locker and the running game a boon on his side of the line. While the offensive line performed at a solid level, each guy had their black marks too (Oher pushed into Locker on deep throw, Warmack giving pressure up to Henry Melton, etc). Roos was the cleanest of them coming out, and deserves mention for a hard-day's work, even if the end result was deeply unsatisfying.

2. Shonn Greene, RB

Much like Roos, Greene had a good day when given opportunities. Many have lamented the Titans decision to put the ball in the air while guys like Greene and McCluster were having success on the ground. When he had his number called, Greene showed the power and hard-to-bring-down running style that brought him to Tennessee, while also proving that he can get down the field in a hurry too.

3. Delanie Walker, TE

Walker was the obvious star of the show. While the rest of the Titans receiving corps and Jake Locker were bumbling around for 60 minutes, Walker was a consistent weapon. His career best game featured 10 catches and over 140 yards, including the Titans only touchdown of the day. He is doing a great job in proving he was worth both the contract and the starting role that came with it, that he received last year. He gets the offensive game ball; an easy decision this week.