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Tennessee Titans News Links: No Fly Zone

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Frederick Breedon

As Pratt posted yesterday, the Titans have the top ranked pass defense. That is impressive as of now, but partly is due to the Cowboys not having to pass it much. Hopefully they keep up the good against the Bengals, and hopefully they cut out the bad run defense.

Kenneth Goit takes a look at the play calling in the wins and losses in Whiz's tenure the past two years.

Paul Kuharsky takes a look at what he thinks the Titans are thinking. I think he is correct in his thinking that the game on Sunday will go a long way in showing whether we are contenders or pretenders.

The Titans have added linebacker James Anderson to somewhat fill the void that has been left by the injury to Zach Brown.

In switching to the 3-4, many had concerns about how Jurrell Casey and others would hold up. Well, just fine in the pass rush department. As they are more effective than ever. At one point getting 2 sacks on 6 Romo drop backs.

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