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Tennessee Titans: Why?

It's time to look into the questions that arose from this weeks Titans game.

Frederick Breedon

Why was Jake Locker so horrific, especially in the first half? -  I mean he was really bad. Something seemed wrong.  He was shaken or rattled or forgot to eat breakfast or something.  I don't think this was indicative of his career or potential, but doubt could be creeping into the most stoic of minds.

Why did Ken Whisenhunt abandon the run game? - The Titans only ran 4 times in the second half, despite a remarkable 6 yards/carry for the game.  Heck, Greene and McCluster were hitting for 8 yards a pop each.  I've written before that NFL coaches are too quick to throw out their game plan.  Not that I know what the game plan was this time around, but you would think you could stick with what's working.  Especially when your QB is having a shaky outing.

Since when is 3rd and 2 an automatic passing down? - Isn't that why Shonn Greene is here?  This goes for the NFL in general though.

How did the Titans hold Jamaal Charles to 19 yards? - Did Horton call a completely different game?  Were the Chiefs just really bad?  The Titans pre-season sieve of a defense showed back up and it was not pretty.  They had better get their hats on straight for Gio and Hill this weekend in Cincy.

Why is Kendall Wright so awesome? - He just tries soooo hard on every play.  Love him.

Why did the Titans line up two defensive backs in press coverage directly on Dez Bryant? - I'm not saying that 88 isn't awesome and deserves double teaming, but is it wise to tip your hand that blatantly?  Maybe they were trying to make Romo nervous that his primary option wasn't going to be there.  Too bad he just checked to a run each time instead.

Why did Justin Hunter drop one of the few great passes on Sunday deep down the sideline. - Hunter was supposed to be the Titans breakout star player, and while he made a great defensive effort breaking up an under-thrown pass, he failed to make a catch on a perfect deep ball that could have kept the Titans in the game, (well at least sort of in the game).

Why did Leon Washington decide to channel his inner Reynaud? - Let's not have to put in a call to Mariani please.

That's it for this week.  What questions did you have from the game?