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Tennessee Titans News Links: Stay the Course

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Ken says that the Titans need to stay the course and not worry about one loss.

Whiz does not give a positive spin on the defense, which is good because it was terrible Sunday.

Film don't lie, Paul Kuharsky talks about what he saw on film.

BWW and Michael Griffin were the only two defenders to see all 80 snaps on Sunday.

Paul looks more in depth at the Titans run defense struggles yesterday against Demarco Murray and the Cowboys. They HAVE to be better against the Bengals and the Hill/Bernard combo in order to be able to put Dalton under pressure.

Despite a bad half from Jake, Whiz is not worried, and while I think there is reason to worry, at least a little, I agree that there should not be any sort of final judgements on Jake. It was just one half.

Where in the world is Justin Hunter? The preseason star has yet to emerge in the regular season. When he does, look out.

Quote of the Day: "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." -Theodore Roosevelt