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Titans-Cowboys Snap Count Notes

Some observations from the snap count numbers from yesterday's loss to the Cowboys.

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans ran 49 offensive plays yesterday.  The Cowboys ran 80.  80!  That pretty much tells you everything that you need to know about how the game went.

Nate Washington again led the receivers in snaps played with 46.  Kendall Wright played 42 and Justin Hunter played 41.  That means the Titans were in at least 3 wide for 41% of the game.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, and you can obviously run the ball out of 3 wide, but it would have made more sense in that game to be a little bit more run heavy.

Speaking of that, Shonn Greene played just 8 snaps.  In those 8 snaps he carried the ball 5 times for 40 yards- good thing the Titans didn't run it more.

Dexter McCluster played 33 snaps, and we still have not seen him present a match-up problem.  Remember all of that offseason talk about match-up problems?  Yeah, well it would be nice to see that actually play out in a game (I am a little bitter today).

Defensively, only Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Michael Griffin played all 80 snaps.  Wesley Woodyard played 79, Bernard Pollard played 78 and Derrick Morgan played 75.  None of them played those snaps particularly well.  Jurrell Casey, the only guy that stood out on defense, played 58 snaps.

Alterraun Verner played 0 snaps for the Titans on Sunday.  Hey Ruston, how nice would it be to have ol' ATV on the team right about now? #stillbitter

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