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Tennessee Titans News Links: One Step Forward, And....

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Yesterday's game was terrible. The lone bright spot was our TE, Delanie Walker who had 10 catches for 140+ yards and a score including a great 61 yard TD grab. Yet, we lost 26-10, because our QB put together one of the worst performances I've ever seen together in the first half, our run defense was putrid, allowing Murray to put up 160+ yards on us, 100 of that in the first half, and then Jason McCourty got hurt in the second half allowing Dez Bryant to have his way with our remaining cornerbacks. All in all the team took a step backwards, yet were still in position to win the game if they could have converted on a trip to the redzone in the 4th Quarter. Pretty amazing actually. Very different from the euphoria felt after last weeks drubbing of the Chiefs were all the aforementioned problems were non-existent.

Climer says that the Titans reverted back to their Titan ways against the Cowboys, not finishing drives, being gashed in the running game. And in part he's true, because that all happened this week, but these are different Titans and I expect to compete and win against the Bengals next week.

Here are the post game quotes from yesterday's home opener.

If only we could have forced them to pass more in the first half, our pass rush was awesome, but instead they gashed us on the ground because we had no answer for Murray or Randle, or anyone.

Titans hated the Cowboy chants, but you know what, if you win that doesn't happen. Easy fix.

Quote of the Day: "We must use time creatively." -MLK Jr.