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Titans vs Cowboys Stock up/Stock Down: Offense

What the tape showed.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Stock up: Michael Roos

Give the veteran credit, the Titans have done everything to make Roos feel the pressure and he has had a great first couple of weeks. Roos has been the stalwart that fans know and love on the left side of that offensive line, and he has looked much better as a run blocker than he has in the past.

Stock up: Delanie Walker

This is the real player that stood out. Everyone saw Walker's struggles in the preseason, but he has shown why the preseason matters so little. Walker has shown that he isn't just a short area/redzone target, he is a tight end that can be a mismatch anywhere on the field. A fumble could have gone the other way on him early in the game, but Justin Hunter came up with a nice recovery.

Stock down: Jake Locker

Locker ended up as doing a decent job, but that first half was unbearable. For all the positive Locker has done to convince people that he wasn't a bust, games like this put him squarely back in the cross hairs. If Locker can't prove to the staff that he can be more consistent then he may be in trouble.

Stock down: "Home field advantage"

Forget the fact that the crowd wasn't very loud on first and second down. Forget the fact that for some reason season ticket holders seem to be giving their tickets away to opposing fans (at least where I sit) every single game. Forget the fact that the Cowboys were much more vocal than the Titans despite coming into the game 0-1 and facing a bleak uphill battle to be relevant again. The worst part of the day for the Titans was that fans were back in their "boo the QB" mode, similar to when Vince Young was trending downward. Don't forget, this is a team that actually won last week, in large part because of a good game from Locker.

It was a rough one out there today, and you can tell that the Titans knew they were getting booed at home. Listening on the radio it sounded exactly like the feed from Arrowhead Stadium did last week. So much for home field advantage.

The Titans have two away games, and hopefully when they are back in Nashville they will have proven themselves on the road and the fans will have something to cheer about.