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Titans vs Cowboys Stock up/Stock Down: Defense

What the tape shows from today.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Stock up: Jurrell Casey

Casey had a great day, especially early when he could pin his ears back and get after Tony Romo. While he struggled at the point of attack, he was going against one of the best offensive tackles in the game.

Stock up: Karl Klug

This guy needs more snaps. The only player today with a meaningful TFL in the game, Klug is one of the hardest workers on this football team. If the Titans want to get the best players on the field, then they shouldn't make the mistake that past coaches have made: keep Klug off the bench.

Stock down: Bernard Pollard

Pollard is a great player to have in the locker room and he seemingly energizes this defense. However, he is very limited in coverage and (whether it is fair or not) the refs have a vendetta against him. To cover up for this, he has to make plays when he has a chance. He had a chance to put the Titans up 17-16 when he almost picked off a tipped pass with nothing but room. Unfortunately he couldn't come down with it, and the Titans never recovered.

Stock down: All the corners

Jason McCourty left in the middle of the game today with a groin injury and that showed just how soft the Titans CB depth was. Whether it was Wreh-Wilson or Sensabaugh, the Titans second string corners showed why the Titans invested heavily in McCourty.