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Quick Recap: Titans fall to Cowboys 26-10

The Titans could not come back from a horrid first half against Dallas at LP Field.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans endured one of the worst first halves in recent memory. Despite a solid pass rush that dropped Romo often, it meant little as throughout the game the Titans were unable to halt the run, giving up over 200 yards. Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray (167 yards) led the way, and giving Dallas control of the clock. Romo was able to exploit the Titans corners with completion after completion to Dez Bryant, especially when Jason McCourty went out early in the 2nd half.

The one Titan that stood out consistently was Delanie Walker, who topped 100 yards and scored the Titans lone score, an excellent 60+ yard effort. Jake Locker was inconsistent, with a putrid first half, and despite some good signs in the second half, the hole was simply too big. The Titans running game was never able to find it's footing either.

The Titans have a lot to work on after this one on both sides of the ball. They look ahead to next week in Cincinatti, and a opportunity to correct their many mistakes today.