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Tennessee vs Dallas: Players to watch, defense

Which Titans players can really take the game out of the Cowboys hands.

Wesley Hitt

The Titans have a great matchup this week on defense, where they should be tested a lot more than they were against the Chiefs. These three players have the biggest assignments

Jurrell Casey vs Tyron Smith and Ronald Leary

Casey had a great day last week matching up against Eric Fisher and the rest of the Kansas City OL, but can he do it against a more talented Dallas OL? Tyron Smith is the best young tackle in the game, and his combination of size and athleticism is something that Casey hasn't really seen very often in his career.

While the matchup with Smith is a tough one, Leary is a different situation all together. Last week Leary looked terrible, and when offensive lineman don't play well, Casey makes them pay. Will the Titans put Casey on the inside more often Leary this week?

Jason McCourty vs Dez Bryant

I am sort of conflicted about this matchup. On one hand, you want your team's best corner to match up against the other team's best receiver. On the other hand, this is Dez Bryant and he is going to make some big plays. Why not bracket cover him with Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Michael Griffin and use McCourty to erase Terrance Williams?

While I think my idea is a good one, I think the Titans will use McCourty as a shadow on Dez Bryant and force Tony Romo to throw the ball well.

The ILBs vs Demarco Murray

Whoever plays ILB this week, needs to keep an eye on Demarco Murray. While most people forget, Murray had a big game last week. He tore up a (depleted) San Francisco defense, and really should have been the focal point of that offense.

Will the Cowboys utalize their running game more this week, or will they continue to live and die with the long ball?