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Tennessee vs Dallas: Players to watch, offense

Which players need to have a big game on offense.

Peter Aiken

The Titans don't have a monstrous task on offense this week, but there are some things they need to watch.

The Titans interior vs Rolando McClain

The Titans interior had an OK game last week. Schwenke and Warmack were admirable against the NFL's best nose tackle, Dontari Poe. However, Andy Levitre looked awful and could possibly be pushed out of a job by a coaching staff that seems to be itching to get Taylor Lewan reps.

Rolando McClain had a (I can't believe I am writing this) good game last week. Despite being the most fickle player in the NFL, he seems to have found his role in Dallas. Can this be another week of improvement for him, or will he regress to the mean?

Michael Roos vs Jeremy Mincey

Mincey was another defender that had a good week last year, but Roos may know more about him than any other tackle in the NFL. Mincey is a good rusher, but he isn't someone that should scare Roos who had a big game against Tamba Hali last week.

Jake Locker vs Brandon Carr

According to PFF, Brandon Carr had the third worst performance by all eligible cornerbacks last week (88 players graded). Carr should be facing a tough task this week with the versatile set of Titans receivers that Jake Locker has to work with. Can Jake Locker make him pay? If so this should be very good day for the Titans.