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Game time decision: who should the Titans play?

The Titans have an interesting decision this week.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans starting ILB Zach Brown suffered and injury that will put him out for the rest of the season. With that in mind, should the Titans consider activating an extra linebacker this week?

Ken Whisenhunt said earlier this week that he wouldn't be against activating an extra outside linebacker and moving them in and out of the inside linebacker position. Does that mean that the Titans will see Akeem Ayers and Quentin Groves this week?

Akeem Ayers is built more like an inside linebacker than Groves, which could end up as a benefit. Ayers is thicker and could probably be one of the better run stopping linebackers on the team if he was played inside. For a team without a true SILB, this could be a nice chance to test Ayers at the position.

Groves has already shown that he can be very effective on special teams, and I really doubt that the Titans have any excuse to not use him again in this game. Whether or not he can play OLB is almost irrelevant at this point if he can continue to play at a high level on special teams. However, if he could give the Titans some more pass rush, he could become a core reserve/special teams player.

The question is: is this a chance for Akeem Ayers to regain his spot on the active game day roster? If not, this could be his last season in Tennessee, which would be a shame for someone who showed great flashes early in his career.