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Week 2: Predictions From The Contributors

MCMers predict the outcome of the Cowboys visit to LP Field

Wesley Hitt

1-0. Nice to have football back when you look up and the Titans are 1-0. 2-0 would be nicer!

stoked_boyznblu and Greenlaw had the best weeks last week. Both nailing their predictions and predicting a W. I got my prediction right but not the W. Nobody had the score.

Week 2 and our guest has already stood us up. Check your email!

Greenlawesome (3-0)

Titan defense gets 3 sacks and 2 interceptions.

Titans 34 - Cowboys 17

G$ (2-0)

Bernard Pollard has at least one personal foul penalty (and I don't care!)

Titans 31 - Cowboys 14

SuperHorn (1-0)

Locker throws for over 350 yards

Titans 31 - Cowboys 20

The Artist Formerly Known as Xanpham (1-0)

Locker accounts for three touchdowns

Titans 27 - Cowboys 21

The Artist Formerly Known as Tennessee Tyrants (1-0)

The Titans will sack Tony Romo at least 3 times.

Titans 30 - Cowboys 24


Shonn Greene gets the first touchdown of the game.

Titans 27 - Cowboys 24

Lomas (1-0)

The Titans will force as many (or more) turnovers than they score touchdowns.

Titans 30 - Cowboys 17

CanaDan (1-0)

Justin Hunter has at least one receiving touchdown

Titans 33 - Cowboys 24

Big Tuna (1-0)

McCourty has another pick

Titans 34 - Cowboys 31

That's urrbody pickin' the good guys. Hope it works out.

The poll had the right winner last week, but not the right score, so we'll call it 1-0.