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Tennessee Titans News Links: 4>1

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are using four running backs to replace Chris Johnson, and that is just fine. The difference in skills and pace that each brings keeps the defense on its heels.

Coach Whisenhunt's practice report can be found here.

In this week's Ask Mike, Keith talks about how good the Titans offensive line could potentially be.

PFS looks at the Titans fantasy football options against the Cowboys.

NFL Live predicts the Cowboys vs. Titans game. Quite the recant from week one, but that is ok. Both pick the Titans to win.

Locker has become more aware under pressure under Whiz and the numbers show that.

Mike Sando predicts the Titans to win again, and has a somewhat surprising defensive stat of the Titans.

DaQuan Jones likely won't play again on Sunday, although I'd like to see him sooner rather than later, as I think he can be special. However, I just want to win, and these coaches know best.

Gooden is ready to step in for Brown says Gooden.

Quote of the Day: "Love is based on imagination." -Oliver Martinez