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NFL Week 2 Picks: Who the "experts" are taking in Titans vs. Cowboys

The Titans are coming off a big win in week 1 over the Chiefs. Do the "experts" think they will be able to start 2-0?

Peter Aiken

Your Tennessee Titans are a 3-point favorite as the Dallas Cowboys head to Nashville.  That line is much different than most people expected when the schedule was first announced.  It was big for the Titans to start the Ken Whisenhunt era off with a win.  Now they try to build on that win and build to a playoff run.

Gramsey will have Predictions from the Contributors tomorrow.  That is where the real expertise happens, but for now let's take a tour around the "expert" picks on the internet and see what they think about the Titans chances this week against the Dallas Cowboys.  Over at Yahoo! they have two guys that pick games, and both picked the Titans.  They also have a poll open to the users and they picked the Titans as well.

Our friends at SB Nation have a panel of 7 that picked NFL games this week.  Six of the seven went with the Titans.  The lone holdout was PFT Commenter.  He will rue the day.  RUE.THE.DAY.

Six of the eight that made a pick at CBS went with the Titans.  They also have a place where fans can vote and the Titans are a 80% favorite right now.  That is crazy.

This will be an interesting game.  I don't think the Cowboys are very good, but their offense has a lot of talent.  This will be the first real test Ray Horton's squad faces in the regular season.  I think they will play well, but they are going to give up some points.  That means Jake Locker and the offense are going to have to score some points.  They showed that they can do that in week 1.  Hopefully that trend continues.