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Titans-Cowboys by the numbers

Miss you, ATV!

Stephen Dunn

The Titans and the Cowboys have faced each other 13 times (obviously some of those were as the Oilers).  Dallas leads the season series 7-6.  These two teams have never met in the playoffs, again, obviously, because they would not meet in the playoffs unless it was in the Super Bowl.  This franchise has only been there once, and they faced the rams (duh!).

The last time these two teams met was this game from 10/10/10. The Titans won 34-27 on a late Chris Johnson run.  Vince Young also threw a touchdown to Kenny Britt in that game.  It is amazing how much things change in 4 years.

The last time the Cowboys game to LP Field was in 2006.  I will have more on that game later today.  It was quite the circus.

Ken Whisenhunt is 3-0 against the Cowboys in his coaching career, and 2 of those wins came over Jason Garrett.  I guess you could say that The Whiz own Garrett.  The Titans have not faced Garrett as head coach of the Cowboys.