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Don't Underrate the Dallas Cowboys

Jerry's team rolls in to Tennessee after losing their opener.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are feeling good.  Coming off a season-opening road victory, there are a lot of positives and excitement is building.

The Dallas Cowboys aren't feeling that same way.  San Francisco jumped all over them early and cruised to victory.  They're going to come into Nashville desperate to prevent an early 0-2 start to the season. They may not have looked good on Sunday, but this team is still extremely dangerous.

It starts with the QB, the man everyone seemingly loves to mock.  Tony Romo has his weaknesses and gaffes but there's also no question he can put up some really solid numbers.  Romo had three interceptions against the Niners and the general feeling is that they were very bad mistakes.  I won't even dispute that.  They looked pretty bad to me.  But he threw only 10 interceptions last year, 19 in 2012 and 10 in 2011.  If Romo turns the ball over three times this week then the Titans will obviously be in great position to pick up a win, but how likely is it that will happen?  Hopefully he's on his way to a 2012-like turnover season than 2013.

With Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Terrance Williams and DeMarco Murray in the backfield, Jason Garrett's offense has plenty of firepower too.  Its easy to see why they finished fifth in points per game last season.  They should pose a much greater threat than the Chiefs offense that lacked talented wide receivers.  Blidi Wreh-Wilson will most definitely be tested going up against the big target in Williams.

This isn't to say the Cowboys aren't without weaknesses.  Hopefully Week 1 was a sign of things to come and the Titans can crush them in their home opener.  The 'Boys defense was 26th in points allowed per game and dead last in yards allowed per game last season.

The tendency though is to overreact to Week 1.  With such a small sample size, its hard to gauge what sort of opponent the Titans will be facing, and Dallas can say the same about Tennessee.

Its time for the Titans to go out and prove themselves once again.